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Healthy Beverages for Children

Just like food, beverages or drinks play a very important role in promoting health to the body especially to your children. These drinks should be healthy and be filled with electrolytes and sometimes vitamins and minerals to keep your child’s young body functioning well and with lesser chances of having diseases. Your child should have ample amount of beverages because it is like fuel to his body to keep up with all the daily activities that he needs to do during the day.

But sadly one of the main factors that can cause your child to be unhealthy is the beverages that he drinks. Beverages just like food can make your child sick too. There are a lot of beverages that can be harmful to your child’s health. Sodas and energy drinks are just few of the drinks that can bad effects to your child’s body because it contains high amount of ingredients that are not suited for him. Sodas for instance contain high amounts of sugar and frequently giving them high amounts of it can lead to become overweight or obese and much worse making them prone to have conditions like diabetes mellitus.

As with your food choices, you should serve your children beverages that are healthy. The following are some of the healthy beverages for children:


All of us need the nutrition that milk gives but most especially your children. It contains important nutrients like calcium which is much needed by children to enhance proper development of bones. Milk contains 300 milligrams of calcium and is one of the best sources of it. Milk also has important nutrients and fats that help in the proper functioning of the brain.

Fresh fruit juices

Juices are very healthy for your children especially when they are freshly squeezed. Fruits juices are good sources of important vitamins like Vitamin C needed to keep children’s immune system healthy. Fruit juices are also good for your child’s skin to look good and be free from impurities. It is also a good source of fiber needed to keep your child’s digestive system functioning well.


Water is life and it is essential that children drink the recommended amount of water which is six to eight glasses a day. Water is very important because it helps transport nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body. Water also plays a vital role in maintaining a normal temperature and keep your child energized needed to keep his day going. Water is sugar free and does not have any calories so you won’t have to worry on any bad effects to your child’s health.

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Your Child and Scars: How to Get Rid Of These Unwanted Marks?

The fact cannot be denied that children have the most sensitive skin which makes them prone to have skin irritations and infections. Plus children love to play around making them more prone to have cuts, bruises, and wounds of different types which make them prone to have scars.

Scars are common in children but when they are not managed well, these scars may not be gone and traces of it can still be seen even when they grow up. These scars may be the cause why your child will feel insecurities and have low self esteem that is why it is best to do something before it can greatly affect your child’s life.

While there are many known ways to remove scars especially with the advancement of technology, but most of these ways are too strong for your child’s sensitive skin to handle. Instead of providing relief, this may cause irritations leading to further injury to the skin. The best ways to treat your child’s scars is by doing natural methods. At least you are sure that these methods do not have any side effects that can damage your child’s sensitive skin.

Here are some of the ways on how to get rid of your child’s unwanted marks naturally:

  • Apply aloe vera gel directly on the scar every morning after your child’s bath. Aloe vera has components that are very good for the skin especially in restoring it from scars.
  • Squeeze lime juice straight on the scar. Lime is a good source of Vitamin C that helps in wound healing. It also has bleaching properties which helps lighten the color of scars making it appear less visible.
  • Vitamin E oil also lightens the appearance of scars when applied directly on the affected area. Applying it twice a day preferably on the morning and before retiring at night will make the scars less noticeable. Some even claim that they do not see any traces of scars after doing the method for a month.
  • Lavender oil just like lime, lavender oil has bleaching effect that makes the scar look less visible when put straight to the scarred skin. When the skin is much moisturized healing is enhanced so scar formation is prevented.
  • A diet rich in Vitamins and minerals especially vitamin C and Zinc will also help in lessening the appearance of your child’s scar so it is recommended to give them food rich with these nutrients.

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Treating Your Toddler’s Cold Sans the Medicine

Toddlers are very prone to have cough and colds. This is so because the toddler’s immune system is not yet fully developed. Also toddlers love to play and eat without washing their hands making them more susceptible to having the common colds.

Most mothers want to try using natural methods of treating colds before opting for medical methods. That is because of the knowledge that some cold medicines are not encouraged for young children like a toddler because of adverse side effects it can give. Cold medicines are known to cause drowsiness making some mothers try other ways to treat colds.

Here are some of ways how a mother can treat colds to her toddler without using medicines:

  • Let your toddler drink a lot of water and fruit juices. Liquids help loosen secretions that will eventually cure the colds away. Fresh fruit juices have high amounts of Vitamin C needed to help strengthen the child’s line of defense against infections like the common cold.
  • Serve nutritious meals, specially fruits and vegetables. They are good sources of Vitamin C.
  • Keep the air in your home moist with the use of a humidifier. Dry air can cause your child’s colds to worsen. Clogged nose and colds are often relieved when room’s air is moist and not dry.
  • Suction bulbs help get rid of secretions that are blocking the toddler’s nostrils. Usually toddlers may not cooperate while you are suctioning their noses, so it takes patience and explaining to do before the toddler may find it comfortable while you are suctioning.
  • Serve a warm soup with vegetables and chicken. Toddlers are picky eaters and most likely they won’t eat vegetables not unless they are served appealing to their eyes and palate. Warm soups also help loosening secretions like cold and phlegm that cause the child’s discomfort.
  • Let your toddler rest. Have your toddler’s body heal itself. Tell your toddler that in order to be well, he or she should avoid playing outside because it makes the colds worsen.
  • Give your tender loving care. Your toddler would be clingy at this time because he or she is not feeling well. By seeing your presence and feeling your care, he or she will speed up to recovery.

If your toddler’s colds are not relieved with these interventions, then it is time to see your pediatrician for more advanced treatments. Your baby’s colds may be caused by viruses and bacteria and prescription medications are needed to cure your toddler’s colds.

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