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Stress Free Visits to the Doctor Helping Baby Meet the Pediatrician

Having a baby is one of the best gifts a parent could ever receive. While the baby is growing, he will encounter a lot of changes which may affect his overall health. During his first years, he will be subjected to certain activities like immunization and he will also be encountering some of the unwanted illnesses which require the attention of a pediatrician. For most children, seeing a doctor is associated with pain and parents might have a hard time going to the clinic. Below are some tips to have stress-free visits to the doctor:

Practice with Your Child at Home

Like adults, most babies feel uncomfortable when visiting the doctor. This is because all the babies think about is getting poked, and you will find it very hard to make the baby calm when you are already at the clinic for some checkup. But you can make him more comfortable doing these visits with you by practicing what is going to happen in the clinic at home. To make your baby more comfortable, you can perform what the doctors normally do during a checkup like pressing his belly, looking inside his ear with a pen light, and opening his mouth for you to take a look at. After doing your part, you can ask your baby to do the same to one of his favorite toys. It is recommended that you keep practicing for three days prior to the scheduled visit so that your baby could get used to it.

Schedule the Appointment in the Morning

If you think that waiting for your turn at clinics is stressful enough, you will not imagine the inconvenience of doing it with your impatient child. At first, your child might not get all cranky, but certainly, he will do so when he gets bored. Chances are, when it is your turn already, your child is already put off from waiting a long time. In order to avoid this from happening, make sure that you schedule your appointment early in the morning. This is because during the morning, everybody else is busy at work; hence there is not much waiting time for you and your baby.

Plan Your Visit

After your child has been examined, and if in case he gets some shots, it is very certain that he would want to go home immediately. When this happens, you will not get the chance to organize your thoughts and ask everything you want to know. You can make your visits to the doctor worthwhile by planning ahead. Before the day of your scheduled appointment, list down all the things that you want to ask and start the conversation before the doctor begins his examination. By doing this, you are giving your child the time he needs to get comfortable with the place and your child and his pediatrician are going to have a little bonding time before doing all the tests and checkups which is good for the child, and to make all his fears go away.

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Pros and Cons of Vegetarianism in Children

Children see their parents as their perfect examples. What parents do, kids will follow. This includes what they are eating. If their parents are vegetarians, then it is given that their children will adopt that kind of diet especially when the reason of their being vegan is due to their faith and cultural practices.

Eating pure fruits, vegetables, and other foods coming from plants surely has benefits. But it also has it bad side as well. We all know that children are still developing and they need all the nutrients to keep them healthy.

If you are a parent who is trying to ponder on feeding your child pure vegetarian diet, here are some of the information that will help you come up with a decision.

Pros of Vegetarianism in Children:

  • Vegetables are rich in vitamins like A, C, and E. All these vitamins are needed by your children’s developing bodies. Vitamin A helps prevent vision problems and healthy skin, Vitamin C boosts the immune system specially needed by the child since his immune system is still not fully developed, and Vitamin E which helps promote good skin and healthy cardiovascular health.
  • Fruits and vegetables contain phtyochemicals that help get rid of the unwanted chemicals of the body. When your child grows up without the harmful toxins on her body, you have the confidence that he will be healthier and have lesser chances of acquiring conditions such as cancer.
  • Foods coming from plants do not contain bad cholesterol which makes your child at lesser risk to become obese. Obesity in children is not a good thing because it can make your child prone to have conditions like hypertension and diabetes at an early age.

Cons of Vegetarianism in Children:

  • Although fruits and vegetables are very nutritious, still it lacks other important nutrients that your child’s young body needs. Vegetarians lack Vitamin B 12 which is needed for red blood cells production. The vitamin is abundantly found on meat sources.
  • Iron is much needed by the body and it can be found best on meat sources like liver and other organ meats. Deficiency of iron in the body makes your prone to have anemia.
  • Protein is needed by your child for proper body development. It can be found abundantly on meat sources as well.
  • Your child will also be prone to have bouts of constipation when following a strict vegetarian diet because the intestinal tract also needs fats and oil to eliminate body waste effectively.

If you are considering to following a strict vegetarian diet for your child to follow, make sure to see her pediatrician first as they know what is best for your child’s health.

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How to Choose Your Child’s Pediatrician?

Parents will always want the best for their children. From the food that they eat, milk to drink, school to study, and even clothes to wear, parents see to it that they are of good quality to suit their child’s need. Aside from all the essentials mentioned, one of the things that parents need to ensure that their child has is a good pediatrician.

Having a good pediatrician is important for your child to have because you will play partners in making your child healthy. There are a lot of pediatricians available and finding a good physician that suits your standards can sometimes turn confusing considering that you have a lot of things to take into consideration.

For parents who are having a hard time deciphering on picking a physician for your child, here are some of the points that you need to consider:

  • Pediatrician’s Background

The first step in looking for a pediatrician is by looking into his background. You should try to ask about the doctor’s education, board certification, length of service, expertise, and if there are any existing lawsuits charged against him with regards to his practice.

  • Consider your child’s gender

Although it may not matter to some parents, but some children want their doctors to have the same gender as theirs. Girls may find it uncomfortable to be examined by a male pediatrician especially when she is already on her puberty years.

  • Pediatrician’s Age

It is given that older physicians are more experienced on their field. But these doctors may be too old as your child grows older. Younger pediatricians are at more advantaged although they lack the experience but do not mean they are not competent enough. At least younger pediatricians will have more years in service so they will be able to take care of your child’s health for a longer time.

  • Pediatrician’s Clinic Address and Schedule

Of course it would be hard to choose a doctor that lives far away from home and the clinic hours does not suit your schedule. It would be better to have a doctor that practices nearby and suits your schedule so that you can have hassle free appointments for your child’s check-ups.

  • Pediatrician’s  Hospital Affiliations

The doctor of your child should be accepted and affiliated to a hospital near your area in this way you will have no problems if in case you need your child to admitted. Checking on your pediatrician’s hospital affiliation is also a great tool to assess whether your child’s doctor’s capabilities and competence is recognized.

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Helping My Daughter in Losing Weight

Being overweight much more obese won’t do good to the body. Weighing more than expected makes one prone to have conditions like hypertension, diabetes, and certain cancers. That is why everyone is encouraged to weigh what is normal for his height so as to prevent the diseases mentioned above. But weight problems seem to be a growing problem today even in children. As a matter of fact childhood obesity is very rampant now a day. Parents are often worried on what would be the health consequences that being obese gives their daughter.

Female children who are overweight are prone to have early onset of menses can lead her to have gynecological problems later on aside from the conditions mentioned above. Recognizing the harmful effects that being overweight gives their daughters; many parents want to do something on their child’s weight. Here are some of the ways on how you can help your daughters lose weight:

  • Before starting any diet and exercise regimen for your daughter, bring your daughter to the pediatrician first. The doctor will still have to assess your daughter and recommend on how much weight she should lose in order to be healthier.
  • Inform your daughter on the harmful effects that being obese or overweight gives the health. In this way you can have her to cooperate on making her shed the extra weight.
  • Bring her when you shop for the groceries and orient her on reading the nutritional labels that are found on foods. Teach her that the lower the calories, the healthier it is for the body. When she wants to buy junk foods and chips, make her choose the healthier variety like vegetable crackers. This is enough to satisfy her cravings from the foods that she usually loves to eat.
  •  Involve your daughter in planning her healthy meals. In this way you will know what you will be letting her eat are foods that she will surely eat.
  • Let your daughter be engaged in sports. When she has regular exercise routine, your child will be losing weight. If your daughter isn’t much into sport activities, then you can enroll on her dance classes. In this way she is not burning those unwanted calories, but also learning a new skill that she will enjoy.
  • Be your daughter’s diet partner. When you join your daughter with the goal of becoming healthy, then it is like hitting two birds at one stone. It is not just your daughter who is gaining the benefits of diet and exercise, you are too.

Encouraging them to be healthy, will be one of the best things that you can do for your daughter.

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Communicating with Your Pediatrician with Confidence

Aside from parents, children are also under the care of their doctors. If parents are there to support their kids when it comes to emotional, physical, spiritual and mental needs, the doctor is the one who takes care of the medical concerns of children which are very important. The doctor can be a very good information giver when it comes to the overall condition and health of a child. If you are one of the concerned parents who wants to know more about how your child’s health is doing, you should be able to communicate with your kid’s doctor well.

But because you do not have all the time in the world to attend to every visit with your child, and at the same time the doctor does not have an appropriate time to schedule every visit your child will be doing in your days off, you should be able to make the most out of every meeting you have with your kid’s doctor. This article will give parents like you some tips that would help you build a good and strong relationship with your child’s doctor, as well as give some advice on how you can make the most out of your time with him.

Creating a Strong Relationship with Your Child’s Doctor

The best thing to do to properly communicate with your child’s doctor and build a good relationship with him is to trust him. Today, because of the Internet, a lot of parents are trying to get all the information they need regarding their child’s health. Chances are, when they go visit with their child’s doctor, they argue with some of the diagnosis which they do not know extensively about in the first place. The doctor on the other hand will feel somewhat wasting his time trying to convince the parent who thinks he knows everything.

You have to remember that the doctor knows best, no matter what happens. What you read on the web are just general assumptions. Your child’s doctor is the perfect information bank when it comes to your kid’s health because he is the one who knows about the history of your child which the internet cannot provide. In addition to this, your child’s doctor also knows about your child’s overall health, where he can help you maintain and monitor it. He can also make sure that every progress of your child is reported to you and he can also tell you some information of what you are likely to expect out of your child. Your child’s doctor also has the ability to treat minor and common illnesses your child gets and give him proper medication based on his medical history, and as a bonus, he can also explain to you the nature of your child’s illness and the procedure for treatment.

Finally, your child’s doctor can also refer some of the best experts in cases where your child needs special care and medication. All of these things can be achieved with proper communication and relationship with your child’s doctor.

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