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Early Menarche Linked With Obesity

Have you ever wondered why girls of today start their menses early as compared to the girls of the previous generations? Today’s girls are less active as compared before. More have become couch potatoes and just spend their leisure times at home either watching television or playing their favorite computer games. While doing these activities, they eat junk foods, sodas, chocolates, and other unhealthy foods which make these girls to weigh more than they should.   

Childhood obesity has become so rampant now a days. This is not a good thing because obesity makes these children prone to acquire diseases  like hypertension, diabetes, and even cancer. With girls, obesity leads to menstruate earlier than they should. This is because when a girl is obese; her secondary sex characteristics develop earlier like budding of the breasts, growth of body hairs, and widening of the hips. These factors all lead to the girl starting menstruation as early as eight years old which is way earlier than what is expected. A girl normally menstruates at the age of 11- 12 years old.

Early menstruation is not good for a girl’s health. It makes her prone to have diseases such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and cervical cancer. Those girls who menstruate early may also suffer from emotional problems. They will feel different from their classmates and playmates because they already have bigger and appear mature than their peers. This can make them feel depressed and turn into substance abuse to cope with the emotional turmoil they are feeling. Girls who menstruate early tend to engage in premarital sex especially if they are already starting to use harmful substances like alcohol and drugs. Of course, since your daughter is already menstruating, she can also get pregnant at this time and become a mother at a very young age.

As parents it is your primary responsibility to help your kids have the best health possible. If you have daughters, see to it that they are eating healthy and are physically active so that being overweight and obese can be prevented. This is not just because being obese is not good to look at, but mainly because you want her to be healthy and avoid the consequences of weighing too much, early menstruation included. It is also important that your daughter knows the importance of having a healthy weight and why is it essential in preventing the occurrence of some conditions. In this way your daughter will understand and cooperate in promoting a healthier lifestyle for herself.

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Talking to Your Daughter about Menstruation

Menstruation is an integral part in every woman’s life. At this time, a  girl starts to mature and prepare herself for the functions of a woman like reproduction and childbearing. As parents, it is our role to introduce this transition properly and to prepare our daughters on how to handle the changes menstruation does to her body well.

Here are some of the ways on how to talk to your daughter about menstruation and what are the important points you should inform her:

  • Tell your daughter on what menstruation is and how important it is in every woman to have it. Let her understand that every woman goes through it to prepare the woman’s body for functions like being a mother when the time comes.
  • Let your daughter know that her body is bound to change too come menstruation. She will then feel her breasts getting larger, hips getting wider, growth of hair in the armpits and pubic region, and she will prone to have pimples.
  • When your daughter reaches the age of nine, teach your daughter on how to put sanitary pads on her underwear and what to do when her first menstruation comes especially when she is at school. Have extra underwear and sanitary pads on her bag so that she will be prepared.
  • Inform your daughter that when her first menstruation is about to come, she will feel a variety of symptoms like cramping in the abdomen, feeling of weakness, and mood swings. And that usually every month these are signs that she will be having that would signal that her period is coming.
  • Orient your daughter on what will happen during her first menstrual period. Tell her that she will see blood stain on her underwear and that would mark her first menstrual period. Tell her that she should not panic and if this happen in school, she will just have to follow what you have instructed her to do, like changing on underwear and putting on sanitary pads.
  • Tell your daughter that blood stains can go all the way down to her clothes. When this happens tell her not to get scared and she can just have a disguise so that no one will notice. Tell your daughter to just wrap her jacket around her waist so that others won’t notice.
  • Let your daughter ventilate her fears and tell her to ask questions if she has any. Assure your daughter that she has nothing to worry about. Tell her that you also had the same feelings when you were younger. This will give her the confidence that she will be able to handle a big change of her body.

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Things Your Little Girl Wants to Know About Monthly Periods

The way the body constantly changes is a fascinating thing. It is such an amazing feat that from a tiny zygote, people transform and evolve into a full grown human being. Males and females go through different changes as they grow and mature. These changes include physical appearance, psychological development, emotions and personality. Physically with males, they grow more muscle mass; develop deep voices as well as increase in the number of body and facial hair, all of which are influenced by the male hormone testosterone. Males also become sexually mature, enabling them to produce sperm that can potentially fertilize a viable egg. With females, they also undergo a series of physical changes. When puberty hits, girls will start developing breasts, have fuller hips and experience menstruation. Usually, most of them will have monthly menstrual periods, but in some cases the frequency may not be that often. Once the girl had her first menstruation, she can already conceive and get pregnant. The first menstrual period is called menarch, this phase marks the girl’s entry to womanhood and sexual maturity.

Generally speaking, in life everything that is experienced for the first time brings about feelings of anxiety and excitement. These “firsts” are approached and dealt with in various and several ways. For girls who are about to experience their first menstrual period, they might feel scared, bewildered, happy or relieved.  Some girls get scared because they think that menstruation is painful since it involves blood and their genitals. Other girls may feel happy and relieved because, finally they have become women. According to Kids Health.org, a website supported by the National Institutes of Health, the average age for girls to have their first menstruation is between 12 and 13. The age for some girls may be younger than 12 or older than 13 depending on various contributing factors.

It is very important for young girls to know what menstruation is. Parents and adult care takers are the best teachers in this situation. Parents can tell their little girls that menstruation is the time when the body releases hormones to prepare it for pregnancy. The whole cycle ranges from 22 to 28 days but can vary; the bleeding phase is more or less 5 days. Girls should also be told that menstruation is not painful; the amount of blood passed is approximately 3-4 tablespoons only. Once a girl knows how the process works and what menstruation really is, her fear and anxiety will be minimized, she will even have a positive attitude in anticipation for that first drop of blood. The next topic that should be discussed is feminine hygiene and the use of sanitary napkins and tampons. The genitals should be washed regularly and must be kept clean and dry. For young girls it is more comfortable to use sanitary pads, they can always switch to tampons once they get older.

Good books and online resources related to menarch are widely available for parents to take advantage of. Discussing menstruation to young girls should be made as simple and as easy as possible.

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