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Helping Your Overweight Child to Weigh Normal

Over the years the children who are obese are growing by the number. This may not come as a shock anymore as many kids are engaged in playing video games and watch television all day long rather than engaging in sports and playing outside. Parents are also very busy to prepare nutritious foods for their children making these kids eat junk foods that are readily available. That is why it is to no wonder why the children of today weigh heavier as compared to the children who are born ten or twenty years ago.

Some parents think that when their child is heavy, it means he is healthy. On the contrary, child obesity is linked to a lot of diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and certain cancers. The earlier you control your child and correct his weight, the greater chances he has in preventing the occurrence of those diseases mentioned above.

Here are some of the ways on how you can help your overweight child to weigh normal:

  • Weigh your child and tell him what his normal weight should be. When your child knows how heavy he should weigh, he will know how to control his appetite.
  • Set realistic goals with your child. As much as possible let your child decide on how much weight he needs to lose and what diet regimen he should be into.
  • In a calm and friendly manner inform your child about the harmful effects that obesity can do to his health. Make sure that your child understands your point without giving him fear.
  • Prepare healthy foods at home. When you want your child to weigh normal, the foods served at home should be healthy as much as possible, fatty foods should be eliminated. Modify your menu so that your child won’t feel left alone thinking that he is the only one eating vegetables and other healthy dishes.
  • Exercise together. Every day you can have a thirty minute walk around the neighborhood at a time where both of you are free. During weekends you can also plan different sport activities together with the rest of the family like cycling and having ballgames at the park. You are like hitting two birds at one stone by doing these; you are encouraging your child to exercise plus you are having bonding moments with the family.
  • Prepare his lunch and snacks for school. Make sure that the foods you are preparing are less in fat. Try other food preparations that are healthy yet it still makes the food of your child tasty. Instead on frying, you can try grill or steam in cooking. In making sandwiches for snacks, use dressings that are low in fat.
  • Limit dining out to fast food restaurants at least twice in a week. Yes the foods served at most fast food restaurants are unhealthy, but your child needs to have a break too. They also need to be like other children who miss eating burgers and fries. Just tell your child that eating these foods once in a while is okay just as long he doesn’t go for second serving and added dressings.
  • Weigh your child weekly. In this way both of you will know if he is progressing in achieving his goals or not. If he is losing weight, give him rewards. A simple hug and words saying that you are proud of him will surely make him happy. If he did not lose weight, comfort him and tell him not to give up. Children can be depressed when their goals are not met so it is best to reassure them that they can achieve them next time.

Your role as a parent is really very important in having your child maintain a healthy weight. Your child’s health greatly affects how you advocate being healthy in the family.

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Hemorrhoids in Children

Hemorrhoids are one of the conditions that most of us don’t wish to have. The pain it gives can be very agonizing that it can greatly affect one’s activities of daily living. The symptoms that hemorrhoids give us adults are really occurrences that we never long to have because of the hassles it gives even though it is not a serious threat to the health as compared to other diseases.

While hemorrhoids commonly affect older persons especially those who are pregnant, obese and are frequently sitting down, we often think that children are not affected with the condition. But in reality, hemorrhoids can be a condition that can happen to children too especially when they are constipated because of low fiber intake and have too much straining because of hardened stools.

Children suffering with hemorrhoids may also experience the symptoms just like what adults feel like pain upon defecation, rectal bleeding, and inflammation of the anus. While managing the symptoms of hemorrhoids in adults is not much of a problem as there are many treatment modalities available, it may be different in children. Adult medications for hemorrhoids are just too harsh for children to use. Considering surgery or hemorrhoidectomy is not advised too because the process can be too hard for a child to handle.

The best ways to treat hemorrhoids in children is to use the natural approach. These methods do not pose any side effects that can harm their young bodies. Here are some of the ways on how to naturally treat hemorrhoids in children:

  • Make sure that what your child is eating are foods that are rich in fiber. Giving them meats and other protein rich foods will just aggravate the condition and make the hemorrhoids of your children worse. In order to prevent your child from having hemorrhoids and much more if they already have the condition is by serving them foods with high fiber like fruits and vegetables.
  • Water is very important in preventing most diseases from affecting your children just like constipation. See to it that your child drinks six to eight glasses of water every day to soften stools making it easier to pass out.
  • Encourage your child to be active. When your child is a couch potato and has little or no time to play or exercise then he is prone to have hemorrhoids. Simple exercises or even have active play can help facilitate proper bowel movement.
  • When your child has swelling on his anal region, try to use cold compress. This will help ease the swelling and lessen the feeling of pain that your child may be feeling.

When your child’s hemorrhoids are getting worse despite doing these interventions, see your doctor at once. This may signal that your child has other serious conditions that need more advanced medical attention.

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How to Raise Healthy Kids?

Health is wealth. That statement is true regardless of gender, status, and age. Most of us try to live a healthy lifestyle when we are already having the symptoms of diseases. This concept is totally wrong. Ideally, we should start living healthy when we were still young so that we will have lesser chances of having diseases now that we are adults.

Knowing the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, most parents want their children to start early as much as possible. As parents it is our role to guide and mold our kids to be responsible and to become healthy individuals. Making them live healthy pose a lot of challenges that can sometimes give challenges to your relationship as a parent to your child, but when you see the results it can be give you the most rewarding feeling.

The following are some of the ways on to raise healthy kids:

  • Inform your kids on the importance of having a healthy lifestyle in preventing the occurrence of diseases. During your story telling sessions, incorporate good health habits and the consequences of being unhealthy to the stories you tell. In this way your child will be able to learn the valuing his health and do ways to become healthy in his own little way.
  • Emphasize on the value of hygiene and why is it considered to be the foundation of good health. See to it that they are taking a bath daily and brushing their teeth every after meal. These habits as simple as it seems is a great weapon in fighting against diseases.
  • Make sure that your child is growing on a healthy environment. You won’t expect your child to be healthy when he is exposed to people around him who smoke, eat junk foods, live sedentary lifestyles, and have poor hygienic practices. The rule of the thumb in teaching your child to be healthy is that you should practice what you preach.
  • Serve your kids healthy foods. The foods that are found at home should be the ones that offer good amount of nutrients. When your child has been used to eat fish, vegetables, and other healthy dishes, there is no way that they will not love eating healthy until they are adults.
  • Bring your child for regular visits to the doctor. The doctor is the best person to monitor your child’s health and see if there is anything wrong with his body.
  • Engage your child into sports. Children need to exercise and what better way to keep them active is by engaging them to sports. Aside from the physical benefits that your child will benefit from sport, he will also be able to learn the value of discipline and camaraderie that is much needed as he builds relationship with others.
  • Teach your child to be happy. Do not be too strict and avoid creating a gap with your children. Share special moments together like watching on movies and playing games. When you have a happy home and your child is happy the lesser he becomes sick as compared to children who are always sad and depressed.
  • Let your child express himself and let him find ways to handle his own set of problems. When he learns to solve things on his own, he will be able to gain confidence that is much needed as he continues to grow in life. Remember that mental health plays equal importance as physical health.

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Strengthen Your Child’s Immune System

Children like the elderly are susceptible to catch infection and diseases. The children’s immune system is still developing that is why even a simple change of weather can give your child cough and colds. Because their  immune system is weaker, this explains why there are a lot of children who get sick than adults do. All of us need to have a healthy immune system because it serves as our shield that protects us from harmful viruses and bacteria that are the culprit of diseases.

In any conditions, prevention is far better than cure. Even if children are prone for infections, it does not mean that it cannot be prevented. There are a lot of ways on how we parents can help our children become healthy and free from diseases. Here are some of the ways on how you can strengthen your child’s immune system:

  • Give your child good nutrition. A good health starts with having enough nutrients to keep the body functioning well. Meals should also be balanced with enough protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Fruits and vegetables should be part of your everyday staple and see to it that your child eats these foods well.
  • Make sure that your child has enough sleep. Children need to have 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep to allow the body to heal itself. Sleep is not only good in helping the immune system to function at its best; it is also needed by the children for proper brain development and the release of growth hormones.
  • Give your child foods that are rich in probiotics or good bacteria like yoghurt and other drinks. They fight bad bacteria in the body especially in the digestive tract needed to prevent the occurrence of gastro-intestinal disorders.
  • Engage your child to sports and encourage him to be active. The more active he is the lesser chances that he will catch lifestyle related conditions like diabetes and hypertension later on. Active children maintain a normal weight which prevents them from being obese. Obesity is linked to many conditions like those diseases mentioned above.
  • Give multivitamins to your child daily. Sometimes food is not enough to give the body the needed vitamins and minerals so children need other sources. Vitamin C, D, and zinc are specifically good for the immune system.
  • Let your child be free from stress. Stress can lead to a lot of conditions like certain cancers. Stress can also lead to depression which can greatly affect the child’s immune system. When your child is in too much pressure from school and from peers, help your child manage it well. Do things that your child loves like going to parks and watching movies. This will help relax their young bodies from things that may be bothering them.

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Combating Child Obesity

There are a lot of children now a day’s who are either overweight or obese. Some parents may think that it is okay for their children to be fat. These parents believe that being obese won’t give the child problems since he or she is still young. But on the contrary, being obese at a young age can potentially give a lot of health problems to the child.

A child can weigh beyond normal for a variety of reasons. This can be due to a child’s inactivity like spending more time watching television or playing computer games rather than playing outdoors. Other factors that may lead a child to be obese includes poor eating habits, with conditions that affects metabolism, and if obesity runs in the family.

Here are some of the ways on how to combat child obesity:

  • Encourage physical activity. Do not think that your children are safer watching the television rather than play outdoors. Yes it may true to some extent but being inactive lead to obesity. It is best that a child has at least thirty minutes of physical activities each today to get rid of those unwanted calories and eventually weigh normally.
  • Set a good example. Children follow what their parents do. So if they see you drinking soda and indulging on sweets every time, then most likely your child will follow you too.
  • Modify your home menu. If you want your child to lose weight then cook foods that are healthy. You can always find alternatives like cooking leaner meats rather than those with fats. Try other ways to prepare food like broiling or grilling. But if you can’t get away with frying then try to use vegetable oil. They are healthier as compared to regular oils.
  • Cut the junk food. Make sure that your kitchen counter is free from sinful delights like chips and chocolates. They are very high fat content and will certainly make your child bigger and bigger especially when eaten every day. Instead stock on healthy alternatives like low fat oatmeal cookies and fiber enriched bread.
  • Make their snacks for school. Although this may be inconvenient especially for working parents, but it is the best for you to watch what they eat. The school’s cafeteria sells mostly unhealthy foods rich in fat and salt. These foods can make one fat.
  • Enroll your children to sports or dance. This is a good avenue for them to exercise and also form friendships. When a child exercises his or her chances of becoming obese is lessen.
  • Tell your child the risks and consequences of being obese. In this way they will be aware of the potential dangers and they will cooperate in planning to minimize his or her weight gain.

It is very important that the child weighs normally. When a child is obese he or she can lead to a lot of conditions like diabetes and heart problems. As parents, it is our primary duty took after our children and that includes managing their weight to normal levels. We should act now before it is too late.

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