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Overcoming Your Toddler’s Tantrums

Many parents would say that their patience have been tested to the maximum when their child was in their toddler years. That claim is true! Toddlers are one of the most difficult age group for parents to handle. They are often unpredictable and you may have a hard time in analyzing what they want. There are also toddlers who love to get attention and show their not so good sides in places where there are a lot of people like malls and even churches. Toddlers can display bad temper even when the outburst is uncalled for. This is very common during phase especially when they want to do things independently but they are having a hard time in making what they want happen.

As parents it is your primary duty to instill to your toddler the importance of behaving well especially when you are on public places. It may be hard to extend your patience at times, but you are the best person who can understand your toddler. Here are some of the ways on how to overcome your toddler’s tantrums:

  • Before going to places like church or other public places, tell your toddler on how to behave appropriately and that there would be a corresponding reward if he is able to display a good behavior. Telling your toddler how to act on given situations will give them a clue on how they should behave in different situations. Plus when they know that they will be gaining rewards for being good will give them the motivation to behave appropriately and display fewer tantrums.
  • When your child display tantrums at home, just try to ignore it. Your toddler will eventually stop displaying outbursts of anger when he sees that what he is doing doesn’t affect you. The more you will yell or comfort your toddler, the more they will be displaying unfavorable behaviors.
  • Be firm! When you say no, stand by it. Toddlers are very observant and when they notice that you break the rules that you have set, they will display bad attitude once you try to implement it.
  • Give toddlers quality time. Most often toddlers display tantrums when they want to have attention by their parents especially when they are too busy with work. Throwing tantrums seem like their outlet in letting out their frustrations and longing for your time and care. Spending even just a few hours to your toddler like reading those stories will make them feel loved and important.
  • When their tantrums are beyond tolerable, try to distract them. You can give distractions like making them listen to music or doing activities that interests them. This will help lessen their outbursts and ease the tension that they are feeling.

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The Pros and Cons of Permissive Parenting

Different parents have different styles in raising their children. Some are lenient while others implement strict rules for their children to follow. Whatever parenting style that parents do in raising and disciplining their children to be better adults in the future is what they think is best for their families.

One of the parenting styles that many parents have been practicing in this modern time is permissive parenting. Parents who follow on permissive parenting are those that give children much freedom and make them learn the lessons of life on their own but still with guidance. Many would say that this kind of parenting suits the kind of family that he have. But there are also those who do not believe on permissive parenting and think that it will cause their child to be withdrawn from the family.

If you are thinking on what parenting style you want to use, here are the pros and cons of permissive parenting:

Pros of Permissive Parenting:

  • It teaches the child on being independent and to learn things on his own. This will help the child mature at a young age and won’t be too needy on his parents.
  • Parents who brought their children by permissive parenting will have lesser problems when it’s time for their child to go to school because these children are less clingy. Separation anxiety would not be a problem for parents.
  • Permissive parenting breaks the ice between parent and child relationship. You are like best friends with your children and they can tell you anything.
  • Children who grew up with permissive parents often think of their mom and dad as cool especially when they are already on their adolescence.

Cons of Permissive Parenting

  • Because there are less rules or no rules at all that are implemented at home, these children raised to permissive parents can go with bad set of friends because they have less guidance. These children may start vices at a younger age.
  • Children may find it hard to follow rules in school and the community because they are not used to following rules at home.
  • Sometimes these children will lose respect to their parents especially when their relationship is just like that of friends. They will tend to compare themselves to other children and ask why it seems that you are just too lax on your parenting skills. There are even children who will doubt the kind of love that their parents are giving them.
  • Children brought up by permissive parents may be branded by others as children with bad behavior because they do not know to how to regard adults with respect.

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Choosing the Right Toys for Your Kids

Play is a very important part in a child’s life. It is thru play that they are able to express themselves and have some sort of fun in their simple lives. It is also thru playing that they are able to form friendships apart from family members. Your child’s social skills are also developed because by playing they are able to interact with children his age.

Playing is never complete without toys. Toys are like spices that add more excitement to children’s simple plays. All children love toys and become excited whenever they are given one. Perhaps most if not all children have one wish whenever there are special occasions and that is to be gifted with toys. And because of children’s fascination with toys, we also love to away toys because we know that it is something that every child would appreciate having.

But we parents should be cautious in the kinds of toys that our children are playing. This is because some of these toys are not safe to be used children. Some of them can inflict harm while others are made with materials that can cause harm to your child’s health.

So before purchasing toys for your child, read this tips in choosing the right toys for your kids:

  • The number one criteria that you should consider before purchasing a toy are safety. Make sure that it does not contain harmful materials like lead so as to prevent lead poisoning. Always read on the toy’s label and check what it is made of and where it was manufactured to prevent accidents from happening to your child.
  • Before selecting a toy to buy make sure that the toy you are going to purchase suits your child’s age group. Toys that is appropriate for your child’s age is the best for you to purchase because you know that your child will learn something from it. Age appropriate toys are what you should buy because it enhances your child’s developmental milestones.
  • Even if they are still young, children already know how to pick on the things that they want and toys will always be their number one favorite. In the toy store, try to observe your child on what toy he is attracted to and purchase it. This will give you the assurance that your child will surely play with the toy you just bought.
  • Make sure that the toy you are purchasing for your child is not just made for enjoyment but instead it should teach good moral values and will teach them on how to function well in society like farm tools, kitchen utensils, and medical equipments. Avoid at all cost those toys that try to teach violence like toy guns. This will teach bad values and initiate bad behavior in children.

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