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Stress Free Visits to the Doctor Helping Baby Meet the Pediatrician

Having a baby is one of the best gifts a parent could ever receive. While the baby is growing, he will encounter a lot of changes which may affect his overall health. During his first years, he will be subjected to certain activities like immunization and he will also be encountering some of the unwanted illnesses which require the attention of a pediatrician. For most children, seeing a doctor is associated with pain and parents might have a hard time going to the clinic. Below are some tips to have stress-free visits to the doctor:

Practice with Your Child at Home

Like adults, most babies feel uncomfortable when visiting the doctor. This is because all the babies think about is getting poked, and you will find it very hard to make the baby calm when you are already at the clinic for some checkup. But you can make him more comfortable doing these visits with you by practicing what is going to happen in the clinic at home. To make your baby more comfortable, you can perform what the doctors normally do during a checkup like pressing his belly, looking inside his ear with a pen light, and opening his mouth for you to take a look at. After doing your part, you can ask your baby to do the same to one of his favorite toys. It is recommended that you keep practicing for three days prior to the scheduled visit so that your baby could get used to it.

Schedule the Appointment in the Morning

If you think that waiting for your turn at clinics is stressful enough, you will not imagine the inconvenience of doing it with your impatient child. At first, your child might not get all cranky, but certainly, he will do so when he gets bored. Chances are, when it is your turn already, your child is already put off from waiting a long time. In order to avoid this from happening, make sure that you schedule your appointment early in the morning. This is because during the morning, everybody else is busy at work; hence there is not much waiting time for you and your baby.

Plan Your Visit

After your child has been examined, and if in case he gets some shots, it is very certain that he would want to go home immediately. When this happens, you will not get the chance to organize your thoughts and ask everything you want to know. You can make your visits to the doctor worthwhile by planning ahead. Before the day of your scheduled appointment, list down all the things that you want to ask and start the conversation before the doctor begins his examination. By doing this, you are giving your child the time he needs to get comfortable with the place and your child and his pediatrician are going to have a little bonding time before doing all the tests and checkups which is good for the child, and to make all his fears go away.

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