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Pregnant Mommy’s Exposure to Microbes Help Protect Her Kids from Allergies

There are current studies that suggest that those mothers who have been exposed to the bacteria in the environment when pregnant can actually give their babies immunity from acquiring allergies as they grow up. When exposed inside the womb, these babies already gain the antibodies which makes them have a sort of protection from the harmful diseases that bacteria exposure can bring. This includes some infections and allergies.

Children who are exposed to a very clean environment are the ones who often get sick and acquire allergens from a lot of things as compared to those kids who are frequently exposed to the harmful elements in nature. This theory is referred to as hygiene hypothesis. This explains why those who grew up in barns and farms have fewer allergy and acquired diseases compared to those who are brought up in a highly urbanized and clean environment.

Having allergies is one of the most uncomfortable feelings one could ever have. During an allergy attack, you can hardly function well because you will be spending all day scratching your face, sneezing, and have teary eyes. In severe forms, there are those allergies that cause dandruff on the scalp and scaling of the skin. These are just some of the discomforts that allergies give to us adults.

Lucky for us adults we have ways in which we can get rid of having them and not be affected with their annoying symptoms. But with children, it is very hard for them to have allergies because their bodies are still fragile and they are more vulnerable to complications. When some areas of the body itch, they tend to scratch it until it bleeds. This can be harmful since the child’s skin is still very sensitive so they easily break and get wounded. When wound heals, it develops into a scar that can still be present until they become adults. With these scars, their self esteem can be affected and cause them to become insecure. Plus those who have allergies are not just bound to have skin imperfections; they are bound to asthma attacks which is a more serious condition.

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