Stress Free Visits to the Doctor Helping Baby Meet the Pediatrician

18 May 2011

Having a baby is one of the best gifts a parent could ever receive. While the baby is growing, he will encounter a lot of changes which may affect his overall health. During his first years, he will be subjected to certain activities like immunization and he will also be encountering some of the unwanted [...]

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Divorce and Its Effects to Your Children

17 May 2011

Divorce is inevitable in some marriages and even if you try so hard to save the relationship with your partner, there would be times that you and your spouse will not be able to hold onto it anymore. All couples would consider divorce as the last resort in marriage especially when they have children. The [...]

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The Most Adorable Baby Mini-Milestones You Should Never Miss

16 May 2011

When there’s a new baby in the house, every moment is a Kodak moment. Your baby’s first word and first step are truly worth documenting, but your little one actually has a lot of mini-milestones that are just worth looking forward to and making memorable. Besides developing his language skills and learning how to use [...]

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Children’s Quotes: An All Embracing Collection

15 May 2011

It is overwhelming to see our own children around especially when they begin showing us their innermost love and affection. I am certain that the feeling of bliss makes us more inspired and indeed our children gives us the reason for breathing and to continue living a wonderful life each day. There are numerous quotations [...]

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Undergoing Eye Examinations: What You Can Do to Help Your Child

14 May 2011

Every examination undergone by the child, every trip to the hospital or any consultation with a healthcare personnel may signal a child that there is probably something wrong with his body. This is but a normal occurrence, but as parents, we do not want our children to suffer a great deal especially when all that [...]

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Baby Has a Secret: Medical Conditions that Your Infant Can’t Tell You About

13 May 2011

Babies are a melting pot of all things cute and cuddly, that is, until they get sick. Then you never know what to do with them. When your precious little one becomes ill, she can’t tell you what hurts, where and how it started. She won’t be able to say what could make it all [...]

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Channeling Your Child’s Inner Chopin

12 May 2011

It’s no secret – when you were pregnant, you spent days listening to soft, classical music because your pregnancy-help books told you it helped the fetus in more ways than one. You may have even used music as a relaxation and pain therapy while you were in labor and while you were giving birth. Music [...]

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Five Things Parents Should Know About Baby’s Cries

11 May 2011

A baby crying without any particular reason that you can pinpoint is a heartbreaking situation. Mostly, first time mothers are left clueless about what to do in cases this kind of situation arises. Even veteran mothers sometimes commit the same mistakes. Thankfully, there are guidelines that you can surely make use of the next time your baby [...]

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