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Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

Children are naturally picky eaters. That is why most homemakers have a hard time in making their younger children eat nutritious foods. Parents most especially mothers face daily challenges in feeding their children especially when at this time food jabbing is very common.

The real challenge comes when the child is about to enter the big school. If the child refuses to eat healthily at home when you can supervise his meals then there would be a bigger problem during lunch time in school. But parents need not to worry much; feeding healthy lunch to young children is not that hard at all. All you need to do is to catch your child’s taste buds even if it means that you will be serving nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables.

The following are some of the healthy lunch box ideas for your kids:

  • Plan your meals. Children do not like repeated food every day. Make sure that your recipes are up to date so that they will be excited to eat the food you have prepared come lunch time in school.
  • Make sure that you don’t repeat the same set of meals in a given week. Children get bored easily and that is the same with food. See to it that the menu you had for Monday won’t be repeated the next day so that your child won’t get tired of the food you are preparing.
  • All the lunch you should prepare should be complete with the food groups like protein and carbohydrates. You can prepare a sandwich with lean meat, mixed with vegetables and dress it to your child’s preference. That is an example of a complete meal that is healthy. When there is dressing the child won’t be able to notice that there is vegetable so he is able to eat together with the sandwich.
  • Children love finger- foods because it makes them think that they are eating chips and other crackers. Make small sized meatballs so that they can eat using their fingers while chatting with their friends. To make your meatballs healthier, you can grate vegetables like carrots and mix on the ground meat before forming them into balls. This will be a healthy meal that they will love to eat during lunch time at school.
  • Ask suggestion from your child on what types of food does he like to have for lunch. In this way you are sure that he will eat what you have prepared. If your child likes a not so healthy dish, then bargain with your child. Tell him that he will have the food that he wants to eat when he also eats vegetables or other healthy dishes you have prepared.

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