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Dental Exam for Children

When it comes to instilling good habits, it is always best to start early in children. One of the earliest and most important habits that every parent should teach their children is good oral health. When these children know the value of good oral hygiene early on, dental problems will be prevented and they will have good oral habits until they become adults. Some parents may think that dental exam is not as important as immunizations and physical exams. But what these parents should realize is that a healthy body starts with good oral health. All the food that the child eats pass through the mouth. When the teeth and other parts of the mouth are not healthy, then child’s body can be affected as well.

Dental exam is routinely done in schools or during the child’s first visit to the dentist to check his teeth and oral cavity for oral problems such as inflammation. The teeth are also checked if it has tartar or cavities and whether a tooth needs to be extracted or not. When a dentist conducts a dental exam, he keeps record your dental record and this is very helpful in cases of emergencies or employment for identification purposes. The child will also be treated for dental prophylaxis during a dental examination to get rid of those unwanted tartar and cavities that can cause destruction to the child’s tooth.

Some parents may have a hard time in bringing their children to the dentist for a routine dental exam. This is because children often associate going to the dentist with tooth extraction as what they always see on television. Most often parents are faced with the challenge on how to remove the child’s fear with dentists. But with these easy steps, parents will be able to prod their children to submit for dental exams. Here are the ways how:

  • Inform your child on the importance on seeing their dentists. Explain to them in a manner that they will understand. You can try to be creative like telling them stories on the importance of dental hygiene.
  • Give your child a scenario on how it is like to be inside a dentist’s clinic. In this way he knows what to expect. And when he is already in the clinic it will prevent him from putting any tantrums.
  • Tell your child to ask questions.
  • Assure your child that you will be there for him during the scheduled dental exam. In this way he will feel confident that he will be able to do good during the dental exam.
  • Use the reward system. Tell your child that if he behaves and cooperate during the dental exam, you will give him a present. This is much needed during a child’s first dental exam especially when your child is full of fears at this time.

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