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Constipation in Infants…

Your child should generally pass stool up to 4 times a day, declining to about twice a day by the time they’re 2 years old.

However, if they haven’t had any bowel movement in a good few days, what you should do really depends on how old they are.

Call your doctor for counsel if he/she is under 2 months. If over 2 months, give him/her 2-4 oz of water two times a day, mixing it with 2-4 oz of fruit juice if the constipation persists. Prune, apple, pear, grape or cherry juice will suffice.

And if your child is over 4 months and has transitioned to eating solids, feed them food high in fibre twice a day until his/her bowel movement improves.

You could, alternatively, apply lubricant to their anus; however, do ensure this is a small amount and that the lubricant is water-based.


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