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Common Causes of Skin Rashes in Children

Sometimes, even if mothers give the most resolute kind of care to their children; the fact remains that there really are some things in life that cannot be eliminated, let alone, be avoided. Although, arming yourself with information will help you cope with different problems that might come your way during motherhood.

A rash is obviously a reaction of the skin to something; the reasons may be varied but it will boil down to a situation or condition that does not seem to fit the delicate skin of children. During the diagnosis of the problem, the associated symptoms are the ones that are investigated as these give the clue on what exactly is the problem. Since most rashes are almost always the same, it is important to be able to decipher the difference. Yet, as a precautionary measure, your doctor or a trusted healthcare personnel should be your resource person in evaluating the rashes although admittedly, rashes are rarely an urgent matter in the past compared to these days with epidemics happening anywhere.

The most common cause of these bumps is an allergic reaction. Your child could be suffering from being exposed to harsh and irritating agents like bath soap, the detergent used in clothes and even the clothes he is wearing. Be wary when his rashes are accompanied by difficulty in breathing as this could indicate an allergic reaction to foods. Moreover, a bee sting could also be possible. The breathing difficulty should be a reason to rush your child to the hospital. Otherwise, if the rashes are pretty much controllable particularly when a child has colds or fever, then, the hospital rush is not exactly necessary.

A collective group of viral illnesses is also identified as a common cause. Chicken Pox, Roseola, Coxsackie and Fifth Disease could be culprits of the rashes. These rashes are accompanied with fever. Distinctively, Chicken Pox rashes start as the ones similar to insect bites and then progresses to blisters; these eruptions take undergo several change in the features over time but Day 3 will really tell you if it is indeed the disease. On the other hand, Roseola is a condition that has the rash disappearing on the fourth day. The rash starts from the upper trunk specifically the back until it spreads to the extremities.  Coxsackie, meanwhile, is just concentrated on the mouth, hand and feet. Finally, the Fifth disease will look like your child has been slapped in the cheeks which then spreads to the trunk then the extremities. Accompanied by a runny nose and cough, the disease disappears with relatively no complications. Measles, another condition caused by a virus are also pointed as common causes. The drill is to make sure that the child is protected by a vaccine; if not, a doctor should be seen immediately.

Certain conditions of the skin referring to eczema, warts, facial rash, scabies, dermatitis, ringworm and impetigo are also some common causes of skin rashes. These situations necessitate the use of medications as opposed to heat rash and insect bites where helping the child feel cooler and a gentle touch in the affected area works out.

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Children and Scabies

Of all the demographics around the world, children are the group with the single highest risk for contracting scabies.  Every day, millions of children wake up, get ready and head off for a day at school.  Once they arrive, they spend the day in a relatively small area with many of their peers.  In this small space, there is more touching, interaction and lack of hygiene than most other places on Earth.  After considering the situation children are in five days a week, it is not hard to understand why their “environments” would be prime breeding grounds for the mites that cause scabies.

Scabies is an extremely contagious condition and is easily spread through any kind of skin to skin contact.  Unlike many conditions and diseases which must be spread through actual bodily fluids, an act as simple as a hug can actually result in one more person contracting scabies.  This means that if one child has scabies, every single time he comes into contact with another child, the risk of spreading the condition to other children continues to grow.

In addition to spreading this condition like wildfire, there is another special scabies related concern for children.  While scabies normally surfaces somewhere below the neck on adults, there have been many scabies cases involving children where the rash appeared or spread to the face and scalp.  Although this seems like nothing more than another inconvenience, it can actually lead to several serious side-effects.  If your child develops scabies, it is important for them to be thoroughly monitored by a reliable doctor.

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