Health Business Cards

07 October 2011

Do you know that a business card is your most powerful marketing weapon? Whether you are starting your health care business or you want to promote an existing one, perhaps you will need to order health business cards online and print important business and personal details on it.  Business cards are custom printed marketing materials [...]

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Protecting Children From Obesity

25 May 2011

The prevalence of child obesity is at a rise and has tripled for the last 30 years. Children are becoming less active these days that they prefer to watch tv all day or play video games. Their eating habits doesn’t help as well as they prefer to eat deep fried foods instead of healthy vegetables. [...]

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Bust Bad Moods: How to Help Your Child Cope Positively With Negative Emotions

24 May 2011

Every child has a trigger: what’s your child’s? What gets that smile to turn upside down? What causes your child’s tantrums and power struggles? If you are finding it hard to deal with a childhood conflict, here are some ways you can turn into a can-do situation: Learning a new skill: Your child may feel [...]

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How to Raise a Nature Lover: Helping Your Child Think Green

23 May 2011

When you encourage your little one to appreciate nature, you are not only raising a child who has respect for Mother Earth, you are also creating opportunities for enhanced health and intellect. Outdoor activities help children get some exercise and they also stimulate cognitive development. A few minutes of fresh air and sunlight is a [...]

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Pregnant Mommy’s Exposure to Microbes Help Protect Her Kids from Allergies

22 May 2011

There are current studies that suggest that those mothers who have been exposed to the bacteria in the environment when pregnant can actually give their babies immunity from acquiring allergies as they grow up. When exposed inside the womb, these babies already gain the antibodies which makes them have a sort of protection from the [...]

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Dental Exam for Children

21 May 2011

When it comes to instilling good habits, it is always best to start early in children. One of the earliest and most important habits that every parent should teach their children is good oral health. When these children know the value of good oral hygiene early on, dental problems will be prevented and they will [...]

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Helping Your Overweight Child to Weigh Normal

20 May 2011

Over the years the children who are obese are growing by the number. This may not come as a shock anymore as many kids are engaged in playing video games and watch television all day long rather than engaging in sports and playing outside. Parents are also very busy to prepare nutritious foods for their children making [...]

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Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

19 May 2011

Children are naturally picky eaters. That is why most homemakers have a hard time in making their younger children eat nutritious foods. Parents most especially mothers face daily challenges in feeding their children especially when at this time food jabbing is very common. The real challenge comes when the child is about to enter the [...]

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